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Concession Stand Prices

Concession Stand Prices

No time to eat before you come for some racing? Forget McDonald's and Subway! Eat with us!

Here's our menu on what's available for you to eat and drink and the prices:

1/3lb Hamburger on Ciabatta bread-$3.25
1/3lb Cheeseburger on Ciabatta bread-$3.50
1/3lb Bacon Cheeseburger on Ciabatta bread-$4.00
All Beef Hotdog-$2.25
Chili or Cheese Dog-$2.50
Chili and Cheese Dog-$2.75
Pulled Pork Sandwich on Ciabatta Bread-$3.75
Pizza by the slice- Cheese-$2.25
Walking Taco-$4.00
Candy Bars-$1.00
Giant Cookie-$1.25
Peanut Butter Bar/Rice Crispy Bar-$1.50
Pop (Pepsi Products)-$2.00
Beer (Budweiser Products)-$2.50
Mike's Hard Lemonade-$3.00

MMMMM whole lotta bang for your bucks!

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