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Jake Kouba Charges to First Sprint Win - St. Croix Speedway - St. Croix Falls, WI
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Jake Kouba Charges to First Sprint Win

Jake Kouba Charges to First Sprint Win

St. Croix Falls, WI, July 4, 2014
by Nicole Lehnertz and Terry Lehnertz

St. Croix Valley Raceway kicked off the Independence Day weekend with a full slate of racing on July Fourth, including 23 vintage racers. Buzzy Adams won his third consecutive WISSOTA Modified feature and qualified for the WISSOTA 100 Race of Champions this September along with Jason VandeKamp, who won the WISSOTA Midwest Modified main event. Ty Sampair claimed his second Micro Sprint win and Jake Kouba picked up his first career Traditional Sprint victory. Other feature wins went to Tim Baxter and Damon Roberts, while Mike Bjorklund and Ken Varing claimed the Northern Vintage Stockcar Racers’ features.

After charging through the field a week ago, only to come up one position short, Jake Kouba did himself one better on Friday and finally broke into Anderson’s Maple Syrup victory lane in UMSS Traditional Sprint Car Series action. Mike Haseltine and last week’s winner Rob Caho Jr. paced the field to green for their 25-lap main and second row starter Mike Mueller almost immediately vaulted from third to first at the start. Mueller was looking strong and stretching his lead in the early going while Cam Schafer was having a tremendous run, rocketing for the fourth row up to second place inside of two laps. Kouba, meanwhile, was actually going backwards early. After starting on the outside of the third row, Kouba got caught up in early three and four wide traffic and slid back to the eighth position in the opening laps. As things started to settle out, Johnny Parsons seemingly appeared from nowhere, cracking the top three inside of a handful of laps, after starting on the last row. At about that same time, Kouba’s #2k came to life. With Mueller in control of things up front, several car lengths in front of Schafer, Kouba began his surgery on the rest of the pack, slicing past his father Jimmy Kouba and last week’s nemesis, Caho, on lap eight. Mike Walters was the next to succumb to Kouba on lap ten. Parsons and Schafer quickly followed, leaving just the leader, Mueller, to contend with the last half of the race. In another four laps, Mueller was just as powerless as his compatriots as Kouba drove past him as well. The final ten laps saw Kouba drive on to his first career sprint car victory over Schafer, Mueller, Parsons and Walters in a caution-free race.

After taking a one-week vacation from victory lane, Jason VandeKamp resumed his winning ways at The Valley. The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds followed second heat race winner Josh Bazey for the first five laps of their feature before the fourth-starting VandeKamp took over on lap six. Once VandeKamp gained the point, the field stretched out and things settled down behind the leaders. A late caution changed little in the finishing order with VandeKamp collecting his fifth SCVR sticker of the summer over Bazey, Doug Toepper, John Remington and Jim Giossi.

Buzzy Adams continued his hot streak in the WISSOTA Modified division. After winning a pair of features the previous night at his hometown Rice Lake Speedway, Adams immediately jumped to the point and left little doubt for the outcome. Doug Gustafson followed Adams at the start, vaulting from fourth to second at the start, while Keith Tourville, Jake Miller, Scott Miller and Justin Oestreich were in a dandy, race-long battle for third. The last dozen laps went off uninterrupted, yielding Adams his third win in two nights and third consecutive at SCVR, with Gustafson, Oestreich, Scott Miller and Tourville rounding out the top five.

The ever-growing Future Four/Minivans class saw fourteen cars competing, with the father/son tandem of Duane and Damon Roberts on the front row. Damon quickly looked to add to his win total and grabbed the lead over Duane, while opening week winner Steven Johnson and Todd Tacheny battled for third. The race stopped with five laps for the disabled #22 of Hope Tucker, who lost a wheel in turn four. At the checkers, it was Damon Roberts parked on The Hill fourth consecutive week, winning over Duane Roberts, Tacheny, TJ Christensen and Kaleb Harr.

Tim Baxter and first time SCVR visitor Mike Chaplin led the Pure Stocks to green to start the feature action for the night. In a race plagued by cautions, jumped starts and flat tires, Chaplin, Brent Miller and Ben Kaphing all took turns leading before Baxter recovered to lead the final laps and claim his second feature win in three weeks. Miller crossed the stripe second in front of Kaphing, Jack Barta and Kaylee Remington.

In seven events so far this summer, the UMSS Micro sprint feature has been won five times by drivers not old enough to obtain a driver’s license, and that trend continued on Friday. After eleven year old Jack Berger won his first feature last week, he and front row starting mate, fifteen year old Ty Sampair dueled for the win on Friday. With “old-timer” Shawn Kelley chasing in a distant third, Berger was throttling to keep pace with eventual winner Sampair. The reigning series champion visited Anderson’s Maple Syrup victory lane for just the second time this season, besting Berger, Kelley, Dave Madsen, Eithan Birkmeyer and James Smith.

The next event at the raceway is St. Croix Valley Raceway’s crown jewel, the big Open Wheel Nationals. The two-night affair features two complete shows on Friday and Saturday night, July 11 and 12. The Advantage RV Modifieds will headline the event along with the UMSS winged sprints. UMSS Traditional Sprints and WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds fill out the event card. More information may be found on the track’s website,, as well as their Facebook page.


WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature – Kevin Adams, Doug Gustafson, Justin Oestreich, Scott Miller, Keith Tourville, Jake Miller, Kyle Steffen, Adam Ayotte, Jason Haugerud, Justin Ritchie, John Meeds, Bruce Tourville, Cory Williams
Heat 1 – Miller, Gustafson, Adams, Oestreich, Williams, Ayotte, Haugerud
Heat 2 – Tourville, Miller, Ritchie, Meeds, Tourville, Steffen

UMSS Traditional Sprints
Feature – Jake Kouba, Cam Shafer, Mike Mueller, Johnny Parsons, Mike Walters, Kevin Bradwell, Chase Viebrock, Jimmy Kouba, Rob Caho Jr., Mike Haseltine, Alex Peper, Josh Hendrickson, Scott Brandt, D Taubert
Heat 1 – Viebrock, Mueller, Haseltine, Shafer, Peper, Walters, Parsons
Heat 2 – Jimmy Kouba, Jake Kouba, Caho Jr., Bradwell, Taubert, Brandt, Hendrickson

UMSS Micro Sprints
Feature – Ty Sampair, Jack Berger, Shawn Kelley, Dave Madsen, Eithan Birkmeyer, James Smith
Heat – Sampair, Berger, Kelley, Madsen, Birkmeyer, Smith

Future Fours/Minivans
Feature – Damon Roberts, Duane Roberts, Todd Tacheny, TJ Christensen, Kaleb Harr, Steven Johnson, Bob Carver Jr., Nicki DuBois, Brian Adams, Brock Anderson, Duane Samuelson, Hope Tucker, Derrick Johnson, Dan Rick
Heat 1 -Harr, Rick, Tucker, Johnson, Adams, Carver Jr., Johnson
Heat 2 – Damon Roberts, Duane Roberts, Anderson, Tacheny, DuBois, Christensen, Samuelson

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature – Jason VandeKamp, Josh Bazey, Doug Toepper, John Remington, Jim Giossi, Kevin Marlett, Jesse Ogston, Mitch Weiss, Cory Bruggeman, Jacob Toepper, Elizabeth Toepper, Eric Gadach, Nick Koehler, Tim Baxter, Tony Schill, Jesse Krause, James Giossi, Tony DuBois, Karl Kolek, David Mastell, Samantha Yarusso
Heat 1 – Schill, Koehler, Doug Toepper, Kevin Marlett, Tony DuBois, Gadach, Yarusso
Heat 2 – Bazey, Remington, VandeKamp, James Giossi, Weiss, Jacob Toepper, Kolek
Heat 3 – Jim Giossi, Bruggeman, Elizabeth Toepper, Baxter, Ogston, Krause, Mastell

Pure Stocks
Feature – Tim Baxter, Brent Miller, Ben Kaphing, Jack Barta, Kaylee Remington, Darren Kohler, Mike Chaplin, Dustin Doughty
Heat – Baxter, Doughty, Kaphing, Kohler, Chaplin, Miller, Barta, Remington

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