• Sampair In Photo Finish Over Berger In UMSS Micro Feature July 18.
  • UMSS Traditional & Micro points on SCVR website are as of 7-18-14 (not 6-20).
  • Mueller & Caho Win Traditional Sprint Features At Open Wheel Nationals.
  • Tatnell and Thiel Win UMSS Winged Sprint Features At Open Wheel Nationals.
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Season Points

Traditional Sprintsas of 6/20/2014
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Winged Micro Sprints
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2013 Racing Season - 2013

As of August 23, 2013

Traditional Sprints

PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Rob Caho Jr41214143094.00
2Cam Schafer41214143072.00-22
3Johnny Parsons III2912142983.00-111
4Mike Mueller813142969.00-125
5Kevin Bradwell1711132958.00-136
6Brian VanMeveren1611132928.00-166
7Denny Stordahl311142802.00-292
8Katrina Sautbine128122344.00-750
9Tom Porter3122306.00-788
10Jack Clark791956.00-1138
11Jake Kouba2591718.00-1376
12Jake Hendrickson471489.00-1605
13Lucas Milz3771361.00-1733
14Ryan Olson1461189.00-1905
15Jeff Pellersels12451130.00-1964
16Doug Taubert261049.00-2045
17Jesse Tripp51022.00-2072
18Jimmy Kouba134877.00-2217
19Joe Jesmore4750.00-2344
20Adam Taubert13639.00-2455
21Wes Hendrickson22434.00-2660
22Mike Huseman12428.00-2666
23Brad Nelson12425.00-2669
24Josh Hendrickson2407.00-2687
25Tommy Kamrath112390.00-2704
26Jason Schill111229.00-2865
27Ryan Bowers1211.00-2883

Latest Results

St. Croix Valley Rac...7/25/2014UMSS Winged Sprint Cars
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St. Croix Valley Rac...7/25/2014Traditional Sprints
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St. Croix Valley Rac...7/25/2014Winged Micro Sprints
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