• Sampair In Photo Finish Over Berger In UMSS Micro Feature July 18.
  • UMSS Traditional & Micro points on SCVR website are as of 7-18-14 (not 6-20).
  • Mueller & Caho Win Traditional Sprint Features At Open Wheel Nationals.
  • Tatnell and Thiel Win UMSS Winged Sprint Features At Open Wheel Nationals.
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Season Points

Traditional Sprintsas of 6/20/2014
Full Points
Winged Micro Sprints
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2014 Racing Season Schedule - 2014

As of June 20, 2014

Traditional Sprints

PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Cam Schafer489102139.00
2Rob Caho Jr379102095.00-44
3Mike Mueller1910102091.00-48
4Chase Viebrock159102058.00-81
5Jake Kouba13891825.00-314
6Mike Walters3791751.00-388
7Jon Lewerer2781571.00-568
8Joseph Kouba4571564.00-575
9Mike Haseltine1881549.00-590
10Kevin Bradwell1481516.00-623
11Alex Peper181334.00-805
12Jimmy Kouba2571247.00-892
13Johnny Parsons III2371229.00-910
14Tom Kamrath1351029.00-1110
15Scott Brandt161028.00-1111
16Doug Taubert151022.00-1117
17Tom Porter15976.00-1163
18Denny Stordahl24804.00-1335
19Jake Hendrickson13569.00-1570
20Brad Nelson3569.00-1570
21Jeff Pellersels23449.00-1690
22Jori Hughes113440.00-1699
23Eric Becker12428.00-1711
24Brian VanMeveren2349.00-1790
25Rick Kobs111235.00-1904
26Josh Hendrickson12208.00-1931
27Adam Taubert1202.00-1937
28Katrina Sautbine1196.00-1943
29Tony Kaus1150.00-1989

Latest Results

St. Croix Valley Rac...7/18/2014Traditional Sprints
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St. Croix Valley Rac...7/18/2014Vintage Stock Cars
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St. Croix Valley Rac...7/18/2014Winged Micro Sprints
Full Results
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