• Sampair In Photo Finish Over Berger In UMSS Micro Feature July 18.
  • UMSS Traditional & Micro points on SCVR website are as of 7-18-14 (not 6-20).
  • Mueller & Caho Win Traditional Sprint Features At Open Wheel Nationals.
  • Tatnell and Thiel Win UMSS Winged Sprint Features At Open Wheel Nationals.
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Season Points

Traditional Sprintsas of 6/20/2014
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Winged Micro Sprints
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2013 Racing Season - 2013

As of August 23, 2013

Midwest Modifieds

PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Ryan Olson2101111469.00
2Josh Bazey291112448.00-21
3Mitch Weiss21212429.00-40
4John Remmington51112423.00-46
5Kevin Marlett4811418.00-51
6David Mastell4913397.00-72
7Justin Oestreich4688371.00-98
8Kyle Hallin312361.00-108
9Tony Schill467348.00-121
10Jason Vandekamp4667260.00-209
11Craig Elliot146253.00-216
12Doug Toepper48248.00-221
13Ryan Bowers337220.00-249
14Joe Chaplin JR1345188.00-281
15Vince Corbin145183.00-286
16Greg Arnt126170.00-299
17Tony Dubois24156.00-313
18Jared Gorka6148.00-321
19Jim Giossi13122.00-347
20Jason Haugerud24101.00-368
21Jason Schill12383.00-386
22Kevin Schmidt1281.00-388
23Eric Gadach1379.00-390
24Ryan Viltz22253.00-416
25Nick Koehler22250.00-419
26Bryce Johnson1144.00-425
27Tyler English242.00-427
28Cory Ziebol1141.00-428
29Shawn Carlson140.00-429
30Keith Paulsrud140.00-429
31Greg Anderson139.00-430
32Elizabeth Toepper239.00-430
33Patrick Kelley338.00-431
34Jason Bonngard137.00-432
35Miranda Carlson137.00-432
36Jacob Toepper237.00-432
37Jesse Krause228.00-441

Latest Results

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St. Croix Valley Rac...7/25/2014Traditional Sprints
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St. Croix Valley Rac...7/25/2014Winged Micro Sprints
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