• Sampair In Photo Finish Over Berger In UMSS Micro Feature July 18.
  • UMSS Traditional & Micro points on SCVR website are as of 7-18-14 (not 6-20).
  • Mueller & Caho Win Traditional Sprint Features At Open Wheel Nationals.
  • Tatnell and Thiel Win UMSS Winged Sprint Features At Open Wheel Nationals.
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Season Points

Traditional Sprintsas of 6/20/2014
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Winged Micro Sprints
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2013 Racing Season - 2013

As of August 23, 2013

Future IV's

PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Dylan Roberts181111435.00
2Damon Roberts5101011428.00-7
3Derek Reding261010414.00-21
4Brock Anderson51111396.00-39
5Nicki Dubois699316.00-119
6Chris Arnett156192.00-243
7Alex Hallin177178.00-257
8Bob Carver Jr.233139.00-296
9Samantha Yarusso334132.00-303
10Kayla Lallier144110.00-325
11Kris Kaphing2222107.00-328
12Dan Rick333107.00-328
13Chris Rick12297.00-338
14Natalie Rogers1280.00-355
15Chris Dyke11154.00-381
16Todd Tachery11151.00-384
17Brandon Dyke1144.00-391
18Katie Lebeis139.00-396
19Dan Strobach23330.00-405
20Steven Johnson111110.00-425
21Kevin Boughton11110.00-425
22Kyle Dahlheimer1110.00-425

Latest Results

St. Croix Valley Rac...7/25/2014UMSS Winged Sprint Cars
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St. Croix Valley Rac...7/25/2014Traditional Sprints
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St. Croix Valley Rac...7/25/2014Winged Micro Sprints
Full Results
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