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7/5/2013 at St. Croix Valley Raceway - St. Croix Speedway - St. Croix Falls, WI
  • Next Race Friday September 11 23rd Annual Earl Kouba Memorial at 7:10pm.
  • Traditional Sprint & Micro points are up-to-date as of September 4.
  • 4th Annual Open Wheel Nationals Friday August 28th

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Season Points

Midwest Modifiedsas of 8/28/2015
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Pure Stock'sas of 8/14/2015
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Future IV'sas of 8/14/2015
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Event Profile

7/5/2013 at St. Croix Valley Raceway

7/5/2013 at St. Croix Valley Raceway

Free Food/$1.00 Beer/Friday Night Live | St. Croix Falls, WI

Pure Stock's

A Feature

17Jason HavelRice Lake, WI5
22Ben KaphingWhite Bear, MN88
34Krysta SwearingenLittle Canda, MN03
45Jon WigchersRice Lake, WI10
53Tim BaxterX6
61Kalee Remington5
7 (DNF)6Brad Peterson26
DNS-Mason Mcevers35

Heat 1

16Ben KaphingWhite Bear, MN88
21Tim BaxterX6
34Krysta SwearingenLittle Canda, MN03
43Jon WigchersRice Lake, WI10
57Kalee Remington5
65Brad Peterson26
7 (DNF)8Jason HavelRice Lake, WI5
8 (DNF)2Mason Mcevers35

Traditional Sprints

Traditional Sprint Car Series

A Feature

15 lapsPresented by Mora Motorworks
13Rob Caho JrWyoming, MN78
21Mike MuellerStacy, MN87
36Kevin BradwellLuck, WI95
44Johnny Parsons IIIOwatonna, MN12
510Jake KoubaMinneapolis, MN2K
611Adam TaubertMora, MN8
712Jake HendricksonAmery, WI46
8 (DNF)8Tom PorterBlaine, MN2
9 (DNF)2Cam SchaferClearbrook, MN54
10 (DNF)5Katrina SautbineSuperior, WI9
11 (DNF)9Denny StordahlMilltown, WI34
12 (DNF)7Brian VanmeverenSt. Paul, MN24
13 (DNF)13Joe JesmoreCrystal, MN64

Heat 1

8 lapsPresented by
12Johnny Parsons IIIOwatonna, MN12
24Cam SchaferClearbrook, MN54
31Brian VanmeverenSt. Paul, MN24
45Jake KoubaMinneapolis, MN2K
56Adam TaubertMora, MN8
67Joe JesmoreCrystal, MN64
DNS-Denny StordahlMilltown, WI34

Heat 2

8 lapsPresented by
12Rob Caho JrWyoming, MN78
21Mike MuellerStacy, MN87
33Katrina SautbineSuperior, WI9
45Kevin BradwellLuck, WI95
56Jake HendricksonAmery, WI46
64Tom PorterBlaine, MN2

Vintage Stock Cars

A Feature

13Ken VaringHastings, MN4
21Mike BjorklundSandstone, MN17B
34Jay PatrickSo. St. Paul, MN69Z
4-Greg SchefferHarris, MN
511Rick HeberRed Wing, MN66
66Steve BakerGrantsburgh, MN06
77Will MatschHastings, MN71
85Mike PappenfusOsceola, WI60
92Paul DolphyForrest Lake, MN15
1012Joe Dolphy5
11 (DNF)9John "sonny" VanwilgenHollondale, MN49
12 (DNF)8Mike KellySpooner, WI17

Heat 1

1-Greg SchefferHarris, MN
22Jay PatrickSo. St. Paul, MN69Z
33Paul DolphyForrest Lake, MN15
410Ken VaringHastings, MN4
54Mike PappenfusOsceola, WI60
611Mike BjorklundSandstone, MN17B
77Rick HeberRed Wing, MN66
86Steve BakerGrantsburgh, MN06
98Mike KellySpooner, WI17
105John "sonny" VanwilgenHollondale, MN49
119Will MatschHastings, MN71
1212Joe Dolphy5

Winged Micro Sprints

Micro Sprint League of the UMSS

A Feature

12 lapsPresented by Somerset Auto Salvage
12Tony DuranSouth St. Paul, MN77
23Collin OlsonHugo, MN64
31Ty SampairSomerset, WI64X
44Allison BergerLake Elmo, MN55
5 (DNF)5Sandy TraasethNew Richmond, WI50+

Heat 1

6 lapsPresented by
14Ty SampairSomerset, WI64X
22Tony DuranSouth St. Paul, MN77
31Collin OlsonHugo, MN64
43Allison BergerLake Elmo, MN55
55Sandy TraasethNew Richmond, WI50+

Vintage Modifieds

A Feature

14John "butch" BethkeOakdale, MN31
21Dennis OlsonBraham, MN3
35Mark PeineWhite Bear Lake, MN54
46Ken SabbyRiver Falls, WI72
52George ShieldsCameron, WI46
63Timothy StoltzmanHugo, MN2
7 (DNF)4Joe L'allierInver Grove Heights, MN6

Heat 1

16Ken SabbyRiver Falls, WI72
22Mark PeineWhite Bear Lake, MN54
31Joe L'allierInver Grove Heights, MN6
44Dennis OlsonBraham, MN3
53John "butch" BethkeOakdale, MN31
67George ShieldsCameron, WI46
75Timothy StoltzmanHugo, MN2

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