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Event Profile

7/4/2014 at St. Croix Valley Raceway

7/4/2014 at St. Croix Valley Raceway

Family Night - "Free Food & $1 Beer Night" WISSOTA ROC Qualifier Night | St. Croix Falls, WI

Traditional Sprints

Traditional Sprint Car Series

A Feature

25 lapsPresented by Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup
16Jake KoubaMinneapolis, MN2K
27Cam SchaferClearbrook, MN54
33Mike MuellerStacy, MN87
413Johnny Parsons IIIOwatonna, MN12
511Mike WaltersLake Elmo, MN27
68Kevin BradwellLuck, WI95
74Chase ViebrockNew Richmond, WI50
85Jimmy KoubaByron, MN21
92Rob Caho JrWyoming, MN78
101Mike HaseltineForest Lake, MN5
119Alex PeperMilltown, WI81
1214Josh HendricksonAmery, WI23
1312Scott BrandtOlivia, MN7B
14 (DNF)10Doug TaubertMora, MN31

Heat 1

10 lapsPresented by Rock Auto
11Chase ViebrockNew Richmond, WI50
23Mike MuellerStacy, MN87
32Mike HaseltineForest Lake, MN5
45Cam SchaferClearbrook, MN54
54Alex PeperMilltown, WI81
66Mike WaltersLake Elmo, MN27
7 (DNF)7Johnny Parsons IIIOwatonna, MN12

Heat 2

10 lapsPresented by Hoosier Racing Tire
12Jimmy KoubaByron, MN21
25Jake KoubaMinneapolis, MN2K
33Rob Caho JrWyoming, MN78
44Kevin BradwellLuck, WI95
51Doug TaubertMora, MN31
66Scott BrandtOlivia, MN7B
DNS-Josh HendricksonAmery, WI23

Vintage Stock Cars

A Feature

12 laps
1-Ken VaringHastings , MN4
2-Al Keske8
3-Greg Manor57
4-Tom Godfrey20
5-Jerry GamerNewport, MN22
6-Steve Baker06
7-Mike Kelly17
8-Jon Wischens10
9-Joe Thompson11
10-Mike PappenfusOsceola, WI60
11-Greg Scheffer63
12 (DNF)-Paul DolphyMounds View, MN15
DNS-Rick HeberRed Wing, MN66

Heat 1

8 laps
1-Al Keske8
2-Ken VaringHastings , MN4
3-Steve Baker06
4-Jerry GamerNewport, MN22
5-Greg Scheffer63
6-Rick HeberRed Wing, MN66
7-Tom Godfrey20
8-Mike PappenfusOsceola, WI60
9-Greg Manor57
10-Mike Kelly17
11-Joe Thompson11
12-Jon Wischens10
13 (DNF)-Paul DolphyMounds View, MN15

Winged Micro Sprints

Micro Sprint League of the UMSS

A Feature

12 lapsPresented by Somerset Auto Salvage
11Ty SampairSomerset, WI64
22Jack BergerLake Elmo, MN19
33Shawn KelleySomerset, WI64S
44Dave MadsenBayport, MN77
55Ethan BirkmeyerSomerset, WI92
66James SmithSomerset, WI55

Heat 1

6 lapsPresented by Somerset Auto Salvage
13Ty SampairSomerset, WI64
21Jack BergerLake Elmo, MN19
34Shawn KelleySomerset, WI64S
42Dave MadsenBayport, MN77
55Ethan BirkmeyerSomerset, WI92
6 (DNF)6James SmithSomerset, WI55

Vintage Modifieds

A Feature

12 laps
1-Mike BjorklundSandstone, MN17B
2-John "Butch" BethkeOakdale, MN31
3-Joe L'AllierInver Grove Heights, MN6
4-Mark PeineWhite Bear Lake, MN54
5-Walter "Wally" StoltzmanHugo, MN35
6-? Kalbow2K
7-Timothy StoltzmanHugo, MN2
8 (DNF)-George ShieldsCameron, WI46
9 (DNF)-Skip Reineke9
10 (DNF)-Ken SabbyRiver Falls, WI32
11 (DNF)-Dennis OlsonBraham, MN03

Heat 1

8 laps
1-John "Butch" BethkeOakdale, MN31
2-Mike BjorklundSandstone, MN17B
3-Mark PeineWhite Bear Lake, MN54
4-Dennis OlsonBraham, MN03
5-Ken SabbyRiver Falls, WI32
6-Joe L'AllierInver Grove Heights, MN6
7-Walter "Wally" StoltzmanHugo, MN35
8-George ShieldsCameron, WI46
9-Timothy StoltzmanHugo, MN2
10-Scott Kalbow
11 (DNF)-Skip Reineke9

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